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Laser Therapy as Remedy to Treat Hair Loss

The problem of hair loss is concerning aspect of many men and women and specialists are continuously developing means to alleviate this concern. According to specialists, alternative treatment like low level laser therapy can be used as a treatment for hair loss. When before lasers would be regarded as the means for hair removal in the context of hair, today the role of this device on stimulating hair growth is getting significant attention.

Note that millions of men and women in the United States alone are affected with this hair loss problem, and because there is a lack of viable nonsurgical treatment for this problem, laser therapy is once again the focus.

Because of the stimulatory effect of light therapy, scientists and physicians are driven to explore the possibility of hair growth using the low level laser method.

Just recently, a home device is developed in the shape of a hat that would promote the growth of hair. This hat or cap contains 224 5-mW laser diodes in a mesh network that would cover the whole scalp. One can administer this device in a convenient and discreet fashion since it has a rechargeable battery that will have the treatment continuously done even while on the go. Physicians are having these devices at a rental cost and patients can avail of this treatment. In order to determine the therapeutic benefits of the procedure, it is recommended that patients should have a long term follow-up with this therapy.

The gadgets of LLLT or low level light therapy use light energy of laser and LED devices that produce no heat and thus would cause no damage to the skin or hair follicles. It is indicated in researches that when LLLT is absorbed into the cells, there is an enhanced cellular activity happening to promote hair growth.

Under the approval of FDA, note that responses to this method could vary from person to the other. Generally, it is observed that those individuals who are still in the starting stage of hair loss will have the tendency to have better results. On the overall, many men and women are said to be experiencing positive changes in their hair response to this laser hair therapy.

Praises from the medical professionals for this new technology for hair loss, and many television channels are featuring this new technology.

With laser hair therapy, one will not feel pain, thermal or damage, and no cutting or burning sensation, because it uses less energy than a 40-watt light bulb. It is noteworthy to mention that as the visible red light moves into many layers into the tissue of your skin and scalp, there is no injury happening in the process. There is an improvement of flow of blood and cellular metabolism within the scalp as the laser light stimulates the hair follicles.

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5 Takeaways That I Learned About Therapies